Sugar, spice and everything nice.

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ALEXANDER MASTERS pictured above:
"Tom refused to meet me before the film. I invited him round to supper, but he’d have nothing to do with it. He didn’t want to meet me, because he didn’t want to build up a relationship with me: his relationship had to be with Benedi
ct Cumberbatch, the actor who played me. Benedict would come round and we talked quite a bit and got on extremely well, which was nice. Then I went on set and there he was and he was suddenly me: wearing exactly the same clothes, using precisely the same gestures. I realised that all the time the bastard had been watching me like a hawk. At one point, David Attwood, the director, asked him why he was gesticulating with his hands in such a vigorous way while he spoke. “Because Alexander does that, I watched him at it all through supper last week.” “Well, stop it,” retorted David. “It looks stupid.”

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"I wanted my dad to be proud of me, and I fell into acting because there wasn’t anything else I could do, and in it I found a discipline that I wanted to keep coming back to, that I love and I learn about every day."
Happy 36th Birthday Tom Hardy (September 15th 1977)